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ENOUGH "is a project of the Center for American Progress which aims to answer questions about what is really happening and offer a clear path to sustainable solutions. We were co-founded by CAP and the International Crisis Group in early 2007, setting out to establish a new paradigm for action.

"We use in-depth knowledge to create clear, viable policy recommendations, and engage activists to apply pressure on the perpetrators and well-meaning governments whose own inertia prevents them from taking the steps necessary to stop genocide and crimes against humanity.

"We shine a spotlight on policies that work. We aim to change the international conversation by demonstrating that progress is possible, and that rhetoric is meaningless without resolute, committed action. We are focusing currently on the situations in Congo, northern Uganda, Darfur, southern Sudan and the spillover violence in Chad." [1]

Its co-chairs are John Prendergast and Gayle Smith, and its executive director is John Norris.


Web: http://www.enoughproject.org

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