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ENV Services (usually spelled with Caps) was an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing company. It is not clear whether ENV Services (aka ENV Consulting) was linked to ENVIRON Corp, although it appears likely (also usually spelled with Caps).

The tobacco documents record that Jolanda Janczewski worked as the controller of the IAQ testing operations for both of these companies, before setting up her own Consolidated Safety Services (CSS). There appears to be a maze of different companies all with ENV or ENVIRON or ENVIRONMENTAL and Corp, Corporation, or Inc in their names.

In June 1988 a Tobacco Institute report says:

On indoor air quality, we have identified Environmental Air Controls... a relatively [new] air quality analysis firm... that is a subsidiary of a $45 million ventilation manufacturing company... to join our group of spokespeople on the ventilation issue.

Environmental Air Controls is headed by a woman who holds a Masters' Degree in Public Health... and a Doctorate in Environmental Sciences. In addition to performing building analyses...Environmental Air Controls will promote the issue through the media... and through briefings sponsored by our allies.

[It is almost certain that the subsidiary was ENV Services Inc. run by Jolanda Janczewski -- who later established Consolidated Safety Services.]

ENVIRON Corp., was fairly large partnership-style organisation, headed by Joseph V Rodricks and Thomas B Starr, which worked for both RJ Reynolds and the Tobacco Institute in the 1986-91 timeframe. They were primarily a toxicology research group who researched nutritional problems for the ILSI-NF and on dioxins for the American Forest and Paper Association. [2]

Documents & Timeline

1988 June The 'Public Smoking Issues' division of the TI, consisting of Jeffrey Ross, John Lyons, and Sharon Ransome report lists:

  • recruiting indoor air quality (ETS/ventilation) scientists.
  • Alan Kassman, a former Philip Morris scientist, has been briefed and will go through media training next month.
  • Jolanda Janczewski of ENV Services has been through media training and will be briefed by scientists and legal counsel next month.
  • They have identified six additional ETS scientist who are now reviewing the scientific literature.
  • testing the effectiveness of ACVA/HBI's advertising campaign and direct mail program. They are investigating the feasibility of broadcast ads.
  • Litigation Program

1989 Apr 3 Diana Avedon's report notes (on one of the first months of the SWT operations):,

  • Reviewed Cannell/Florio project — acquired remainder of party affiliations — talked with Dale — sent revision
  • Talked with Kay Thomas re: ENV future.[They appear to be unhappy with some aspect of ENV's IAQ reports.]
  • Talked with Paul E. re: Fox Tours in Region IV — Had conference call with Nelson — He will try to get 3rd party sponsorship — will get back to me.
[The labor lawyer John Fox worked under cover whenever possible. So they need some company to pretend to be sponsoring him.]
  • Jacobson requested ACVA rep. to testify at Oregon hearing 4/3 — Jeff Seckler to testify (new ACVA member) — Matt Jacobs to talk with Jeff before he goes. [Seckler later became a whistleblower]
  • Talked w/Kay (Thomas) re: New scientists — they are ready to testify — Holcomb will accompany — I will send memo to field with resumes and sample testimony.
  • Jack Shoemaker [Region VII Florida] reported on new witnesses — Larry Halfen and Joe Pedalty (name misspelled --of Holcomb Env. Services) — both low keyed — would use both again.
  • Talked w/Jack Kelley (John D Kelly Regional VP California) re: use of new witnesses in San Diego — no problem
  • Talked w/Kay — reported on new witnesses — CSS overview (Consolidated Safety Services) — Needs for my memo to field.
[They had transferred some projects from ENV Services to Consolidated Safety Services (CSS) which had been founded by ex-ENV Services manager Jolanda Janczewski]
[Note: Walt Decker and Jolanda Jancezwsky had just been recruited to act as witnesses for smoking/pollution inquiries, and would therefore require training.

Larry Holcomb ran his own air-testing company and worked extensively for tobacco. [4]

1989 June 22 Jim Flannery President of ENV Services writes to Kay Thomas at the Tobacco Institute (who handles the SWT group) giving a breakdown of Projects and Activities.

ENV Services were now working on projects with Paul Cammer's Business Council on Indoor Air (BCIA) and the development of a manual and IAQ testing strategies. [5]

Tobacco Institute advice to Regional Directors
ENV has the capability to inspect buildings unobstrusively with a briefcase-sized air sampling kit which can test indoor air levels of a number of common indoor air pollutants...some preliminary results can be read on the spot and a complete report takes about 10-14 days. ENV also has spokespeople capable of explaining results in a hearing setting or in private briefings with lawmakers and others.
Like the SWT witness team, we need a couple of days to set up air tests (PREFERABLY CONDUCTED UNDER THE AUSPICES OF A THIRD PARTY SPONSOR). So, if you would like to overtly or quietly inspect a city hall hearing room or some other building, they can do it ... let WW/Diana know, and Kay Thomas and we can explain the program in more detail. [6]