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The Eberle Communications Group, Inc. began operation in 1974 as Bruce W. Eberle & Associates. Members of the group now include Fund Raising Strategies, Inc., Campaign Funding Direct, Omega List Company, and Kaleidoscope Publishing, Ltd.. [1]


Board of Directors


  • Tom DeLay, John Ashcroft: "Bruce Eberle runs Eberle Communications Group, Inc., which is involved in tom delay's fundraising scandal. ECG, Inc. also owns Fund Raising Strategies, Inc. and seems to prefer the name Eberle & Associates. part of the business is PR, part is fund raising. ... Eberle also owns Omega List Company and Eberle and Omega were busted for illegally giving data lists to Ashcroft when he was a senator. while you're at the omega site, be sure to check out Blanquita Cullum's prattling. this 'email endorsement' stuff sounds kinda fishy and propagandistic to me." Daily Kos, January 29, 2005.
"According to Public Citizen both Bobby Eberle and Lamar Smith donated money to Tom Delay's defense fund." [2]
"Bruce Eberle and Lamar Smith were listed consecutively on the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) site.


Eberle Communications Group, Inc.
1420 Spring Hill Rd.
McLean, VA 22102
US Phone: 703 821 1550
Fax: 123 123 1234
URL: http://www.ecgone.com

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