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Ed Mayo "is Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, the membership network for co-operative businesses, and has spent his career working to bring together economic life and social justice. From 2003-2009, he was Chief Executive of the National Consumer Council, and before that he rose to prominence as director of the New Economics Foundation (nef)." [1]

He is the former Chief Executive of Consumer Focus. "Ed has worked in the non-profit and the private sector and was the strategist behind the world’s most successful anti-poverty campaign, Jubilee 2000. A passionate campaigner on consumer issues, Ed has contributed to the work of a wide range of public interest organisations, including at present as a Board member for the Fairtrade Foundation and AccountAbility. He has helped to found a number of initiatives, including the Fairtrade Mark, the London Rebuilding Society and the cultural charity, MERRY, which links Deptford in South London to Mozambique. In 2003, the Guardian newspaper nominated Ed as one of the top 100 most influential figures in UK social policy and in November 2004 commented that ‘from cancelling third world debt to justice for working-class consumers, Ed Mayo is a key figure in social innovation’. Ed was nominated a ‘Young Global Leader’ by the World Economic Forum in January 2005." [2] wiki


His blog is http://edmayo.wordpress.com

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