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El Maghara mine is an underground coal mine in Egypt's Sinai peninsula.[1]


The satellite photo below shows the location of the El Maghara coal mine, located about 250 km northeast of Cairo and 50 km south of Sinai Mediterranean coast near El Hassana, North Sinai Governorate, Egypt[2][3]

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According to a 2002 study, "The El-Maghara coal mine is the only producing coal mine in Egypt. It is located in the middle of the Sinai desert about 250 km north-east of Cairo, where a coal-fired power plant is intended to be built."[2]

Project Details

  • Owner: Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority (EMRA)[4]
  • Parent company: Egyptian government[4]
  • Location: El Hassana, North Sinai Governorate, Egypt[2]
  • GPS coordinates:30.706731, 33.3816866[2]
  • Mine status:Operating[3]
  • Start year: 2018[5]
  • Mineable reserves: 22 million tons[3]
  • Coal type: bituminous[4]
  • Mine size:
  • Mine type: Underground[3]
  • Production: .0125 million ton per annum[3]
  • Additional proposed production: expected to reach .6 million tons per annum[5]
  • Equipment:
  • Number of employees:

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