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Electronic Intifada is a critical information source about Palestine/Palestinians, the US political process relating to the Middle East, and other related news. It is a media project aimed to counteract the uncritical and Israeli-partisan reporting that is prevalent in the US media which mostly neglects the Palestinians and their plight.

From the ElectronicIntifada website:

The Electronic Intifada (EI) is a not-for-profit, independent publication committed to comprehensive public education on the question of Palestine, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the economic, political, legal, and human dimensions of Israel's 37-year occupation of Palestinian territories. EI provides a needed supplement to mainstream commercial media representations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Launched 23 February 2001 at electronicIntifada.net as a pioneering online resource for media analysis, criticism, and activism, EI has progressively expanded its scope into new arenas: reference materials, live reporting, editorials, arts coverage, and satire, with the aim of presenting an accessible, credible, and responsible Palestinian narrative of developments on the ground to the American public and international community.
Although EI addresses the prevailing pro-Israeli slant in US media coverage by offering information from a Palestinian perspective, our views on the conflict are based firmly on universal principles of international law and human rights conventions, and our reporting is built on a solid foundation of documented evidence and careful fact-checking.
EI has received favorable reviews in such respected publications as the Washington Post, Financial Times, The Nation, Utne Reader, and the Jerusalem Post. EI’s founders are regularly contacted by the mainstream electronic media, such as the BBC, CBC, CNN and dozens of radio stations around the world, to provide commentary and analysis on events in the Middle East.
The Electronic Intifada's website receives around one quarter of a million visitors (not “hits”) each month. During periods of increased conflict, the number of visitors dramatically increases. During Israel's invasion of the West Bank in March/April 2002, EI's website saw over 600,000 visits in the period of one month.
In addition to offering unique information, part of EI’s appeal is the wide variety of content offered by the site. EI offers over 18 sections, including Opinion/Editorial, Live from Palestine: EI's diaries project, Human Rights, Development, Internet & Technology, Business & Economy, The Role of the Media, Coverage Trends, Journalists in Danger, Israel Lobby Watch, EI in the Press, Activism News, Action Items, Letters to the Media, Arts, Music & Culture, Multimedia, and the satirical Bassaleh News Network.[1]



EI is run on a budget of about USD 50,000. Source: statement by Ali Abunimah at an Oxford address in 2004.


  • Muhammad Idrees Ahmad , "Electronic Intifada and the mudkicker", Pulse Media, May 1, 2010. The following day Indrees noted: "Earlier I had criticzed The Electronic Intifada rather harshly for publishing a really poor article attacking John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt. Having had a day to think about it, I regret the tone of my post and the failure to acknowledge EI’s otherwise exceptional record (although my criticism stands). I therefore preface my expanded article for Mondoweiss.net with an acknowledgment of what I actually think of EI’s work." [2]


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