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Dr. Elizabeth L. Anderson, who is also known as Betty Anderson, is the Group Vice President of Exponent Health, an international engineering and scientific consulting firm. She joined the firm in June 2006.

A biographical note states that "Prior to joining Exponent, Dr. Anderson was President and CEO of Sciences International, a health and environmental consulting firm. She specializes in risk assessment as a basis for addressing the complex problems related to public health and the environment for national and international companies and governments."[1]

"Dr. Anderson has over 25 years of experience in working both within government institutions and for corporate entities. Previously, for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), she founded and directed the Agency's Carcinogen Assessment Group and the central risk assessment programs for 10 years. In this capacity, she was Executive Director of the EPA committee that initially adopted risk assessment as a basis for carrying out the Agency’s regulatory mandates. She has also worked extensively on international risk assessment issues to address human health and ecological consequences of exposure to environmental toxicants, including for private companies, governments, the World Health Organization, and the Pan American Health Organization," the biographical note states.[1]

"Dr. Anderson is a founder and past-President of the Society for Risk Analysis, regularly serves on peer review panels for Public Agencies and Institutions, has participated in numerous national and international commissions and organizations concerned with risk based issues, and has lectured and published widely in the field of risk assessment. She is also Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Risk Analysis: An International Journal," it states.[1]


  • (EPA Carcinogen Risk Assessment): Author of "Qualitative Approaches in Use to Assess Cancer Risk"

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