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The Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (E-LAW) was founded in 1989 by lawyers from 10 different countries and aims to give "public interest lawyers and scientists around the world the skills and resources they need to protect the environment through law." Their website adds that "more than 300 grassroots lawyers and scientists in 60 countries call on the E-LAW network for critical legal and scientific tools."

"E-LAW has proven itself a powerful force in protecting the global environment. In 2004, leading environmental defenders from around the world will call on E-LAW U.S. for help protecting the environment through law. In each of these projects, E-LAW U.S. will help local advocates strengthen environmental laws and enforce existing laws. In the process, E-LAW U.S. will help build a worldwide corps of skilled, committed advocates working to defend the environment and build a sustainable future." [1]


No funders are listed on their website.

An internet search showed that they have received in grant from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. [2]

E-LAW U.S. Board of Directors

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Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (E-LAW)
U.S. Office: 1877 Garden Avenue, Eugene, OR 97403 USA
Phone: +1 541 687 8454
Fax: +1 541 687 0535
Email: elawus AT elaw.org
Web: http://www.elaw.org


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