Environmental Tobacco Smoke World Conference

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Philip Morris Corporate Affairs held an Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) World Conference at the Macklowe Hotel in New York on February 24-26th, 1993, in New York City.[1].

The purpose of the conference appears to be to determine further strategies for dealing with increasing public concerns over the health effects of seconhand tobacco smoke. Strategies devised at the meeting include

  • Development of a global coalition against "junk science";
  • Development of an "International action kit" on how to reach tobacco industry allies and further identification of authors for op/eds on themes of acceptability and tolerance;
  • Shifting concern over ETS away from health to slippery slope argumentation and/or tolerance;
  • Development of national indoor air quality standards that are more favorable to smoking;
  • Decisions on how to package comprehensive improvements in ventilation to forestall tobacco-specific bans and source control;
  • Shifting the debate from ETS to indoor air quality;
  • Working with employers on workers compensation cases to encourage them not to settle secondhand smoke suits;
  • Monitoring regulatory agencies with jurisdiction over workplace safety issues;
  • Shift concern over ETS in the workplace away from the health issue to one of annoyance;
  • Expansion of PM's Accommodation Program
  • Development of an "ETS Task Force," with global PM representation to develop strategies to combat smoking restrictions.
  • Coordination and maintenance of consulting relationships.[2]

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