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Although they are a far right-wing grouping their web site writes: "Concerned with issues of freedom and democracy in the EU, the EAF does not operate within the Left-Right political paradigm and its members come from across a wide political spectrum. " [1]

A critical article from 2012 notes: "UKIP has always denied any alliance with the extreme right but here we have the evidence. Godfrey Bloom MEP has set up a transnational party with the French National Front, Austrian Freedom Party, and Flemish Interest. The European Alliance for Freedom ( received just under € 373,000 from the EU budget under the EU party statute in 2011. The Alliance’s President is Godfrey Bloom, while other board members include MEPs from the Austrian Freedom Party and the Flemish extreme right. The French National Front has revealed that both UKIP and Marine Le Pen are members of the Alliance..." [1]

Franz Obermayr from Austria has been the president of the organisation since November 2012, succeeding founding chairman Godfrey Bloom. His vice presidents are the Belgian Philip Claeys and the French Marine Le Pen. The secretary-general is Sharon Ellul-Bonici from Malta. wiki




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