Expected New Nuclear Power Plant Applications in the U.S.

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According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission there are 21 separate Expected New Nuclear Power Plant Applications in the U.S. for 32 nuclear power units over the 2007-2009 period. [1]

Where to Look

A current list of possible new nuclear power station applications, compiled by the NRC and updated in mid-October 2007, is here.

What to add

We are aiming to build a complete list of new nuclear power station applications and a state-by-state breakdown on what is proposed where. Once that's done it would be nice to start building profiles on the individual companies, their track records in running nuclear power stations, their political contributions, the PR and lobbying consultants they have hired and their PR and lobbying activities.

Have a look through the NRC list and add the details of the company, reactor design, site, state and whether the there are existing operating plants there.

If you have any questions about how to do this project or just need a little help, feel free to email SourceWatch staff editor Bob Burton at bob[at]sourcewatch.org (replace the "[at]" with an "@" - done to prevent spam).

Company Reactor Type Site Under Consideration and Number of New Units State Existing Operating Plants
Duke Energy AP1000 William Lee Nuclear Station (2 units) South Carolina No
NuStart Energy AP1000 Bellefonte (2 units) Alabama No
Dominion ESBWR North Anna (i unit) Virginia Yes
South Carolina Electric & Gas AP1000 Summer (2 units) South Carolina Yes
NRG Energy ABWR South Texas Project (2 units) Texas Yes
Progress Energy AP1000 Harris (2 units) North Carolina Yes
Progress Energy AP1000 Levy County (2 units) Florida No
Southern Nuclear Operating Company AP1000 Vogtle (2 units) Georgia Yes
Entergy ESBWR River Bend (1 unit) Louisiana Yes
NuStart Energy ESBWR Grand Gulf (1 unit) Missisippi Yes
UNISTAR EPR Calvert Cliffs (1 unit) Maryland Yes
PPL Generation EPR Berwick (1 unit) Pennsylvania Yes
AmerenUE EPR Callaway (1 unit) Missouri Yes
UNISTAR EPR Nine Mile Point (1 unit) New York Yes
Exelon TBD TBD(2 units) Texas Unknown
Detroit Edison TBD Fermi(1 unit) Miami Yes
Amarillo Power EPR Vicinity of Amarillo (2 units) Texas Unknown
Alternate Energy Holdings EPR Bruneau (1 unit) Idaho No
Florida Power & Light TBD TBD (2 units) Unknown Unknown
Unannounced TBD TBD (1 unit) Unknown Unknown


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