False accusation of junk science

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sound science & junk science
False accusations of junk science
Steven J Milloy & TASSC
Peter Huber & Walter Olson
Manhattan Institute
Junk Science (Doc Index)
Fox News & K. Rupert Murdoch

In recent years charges of bad science and junk science in public policy debates has led to false accusations of junk science becoming a propaganda technique in its own.

In this case, the propaganda technique may merely be an attempt to tack "bad science" as a negative buzzword onto whatever is being attacked. It may be effective because counter-arguments against these claims are long, complex and difficult to understand.

Accusations are typically levied by think tanks and public relations firms under order from tobacco companies and businesses that have something to gain by denial of global warming.

Unfortunately, some claims of bad or junk science really are legimate, and sometimes these are mixed with accusations that are completely bogus.