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Fighting Dem Vets for Congress members are veterans from wars in Iraq and Viet Nam, as well as the peacekeeping mission in the Balkans, "and some supported our troops in other vital ways," who are Democratic candidates in the 2006 elections for Congress.

"But regardless of how we have served our country in uniform, we all have progressive to moderate social views and are running on platforms to support working families, insure fair taxation, protect Social Security, restore American values, fully fund programs to aid education, the poor and disabled, equality of opportunity for all Americans, and sound environmental policies to safeguard our land," its website states.

Political Affiliation

Fighting Dems states on its website that it "has no official relationship" with any "political campaign" or political action committee or individuals. [1]


Contributions can be made via ActBlue. [2]

The Vet Force

See Fighting Dems home page for links to featured candidates.

Contact Information

Fighting Dems for Congress
PO Box 121
Puli, Nantou 545
Phone: 886 49 290-2235
Email: noelschutz AT

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