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The Flower Promotion Organization is "an alliance between Colombian and American flower growers, was created to expand the US market for all cut flowers. The FPO is committed to increasing short-term and long-term consumer demand for fresh cut flowers." [1]


The FPO was created in August 1999 after decades of legal battles by Colombian flower growers trying to access the US market, moves that were opposed by U.S. flower growers. To end the legal battles over who would supply the existing U.S. market the industry in both countries formed the FPO with the aim of expanding the size of the market.

The FPO's board of directors is comprised of eight growers, four Colombian and four from the United States.

"The original settlement spanned 30 months from August 1999 to January 2002. In the fall of 2001, U.S. growers raised the necessary funds to extend the program an additional 21 months. A three year extension was agreed to in January, 2004 which is in effect through December, 2006," it states on its website. [2]

FPO's Use of Video News Releases

A February 8, 2007 press release from the broadcast PR firm Medialink Worldwide and the Flower Promotion Organization reads, "More than 190 million stems of roses will be bestowed upon sweethearts in the U.S. While Cupid is busy keeping the love alive, it may take a flower doctor to help prolong the life of your beautiful blooms." Sound familiar? Medialink is currently promoting the exact same video news release to television stations that it distributed this time last year. In February 2006, at least TV stations aired the flack package. How many planted stories will bloom this year?


Contact details

Phone: 952-545-7943
Web: http://www.flowerpossibilities.com/index.html

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