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Formed in 2001: "Forum of Dialogue and Partnership for Development is an civil developmental Foundation, not meant for profit and neutral but positively as an institution. Work in diversity, pluralism and acceptance of others and interact with him supporting to human rights, citizenship and work to bring about institutional changes needed to establish dialogue and participation for the Development of Egyptian society to overcome the absence of dialogue and the weaknesses of participation mechanisms." [1]

Board of Trustees

Accessed February 2011: [2]

Members of the Board of Trustee

  • Salah Arafa - (science professor and head of physics at American University - Ashoka Fellow), Chairman of the Forum.
  • Mamdouh Salim (A strategic Expert in Arab and African affairs and researcher in the field of human rights and a member of the Arab Organization for Human Rights and a member of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs) - Vice President of the Board of Trustee.
  • Tarek Wafik (Professor at fuculty of Urban Planning - Cairo University) - General Secretary.
  • Ahmed Hossam El-Din (Professor of Environmental Engineering - Alexandria University) - Secretary of the Fund.
  • Huda Rozkana (Professor and head of intensive care and treatment of chronic pain, Faculty of Medicine - Chairman of the Egyptian Society for the Protection of health and the environment - former member of People Assembly) - Board Member .
  • Shafika Nasser (Professor of Public Health at Faculty of Medicine, Cairo university - a former member of the Shura Council) - Board Member .
  • Mohamed Abdel-Moneim (former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social affairs) - Board Member.
  • Imad Eddin Adly (Chairman of the Arab Office for Youth and the environment, national coordinator of the Small Grants - Global Environment Facility and the General Coordinator of the Arab Network for Environment and Development). - Member of the Board of Trustee.
  • Yasser Sheriff (Chairman of the Advisory Office - Anvaironieks)- Board Member.
  • Bhaedin Bakri (Professor of Architecture and ecologically green construction Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University, Chairman of the Green Party]] and a member of the Association of congenital arms) - Board Member.<
  • Muatasim Rashid (Consultant at Investment Counsel Corporation) - Board Member.
  • Ahmed Ghamrawy (Advisor of the Arab Media center) - Board Member.
  • Assem Kamal (Director of the Institute of Cultural Affairs) - Board Member.
  • Alia Ashatwy (chairman of Balady association at Port Said) - Board Member.
  • Mai-ALShafii (announcer at general program) - Board Member.]]



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