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Professor Francis Roe was one of Britain's most prolific tobacco-friendly helpers who must have been responsible for thousands of premature deaths in his life-time of taking tobacco industry cash for corrupt propaganda. He appeared regularly on television and the UK radio, and promoted the industry line -- but always claimed to be an independent scientist and academic. He was a consultant in pathology for the Tobacco Research Committee . Roe specialized in cancer, toxicology and pathology. [1]

Roe was a life-time contractor to Philip Morris in creating numerous sham scientific organisations (ARIA, IAI, ISBE, EGIL and others) with the help of Nancy Balter of the US Georgetown University's IAPAG group and with a number of other scientists also in the tobacco industry's pay. Roe is known in some of the tobacco literature as the "main whitecoat in Europe" [2]

Roe worked as a team with Peter N Lee who had his own statistical consulting firm in London. They were also key members of the ARIA group of WhiteCoats and they acted as WhiteCoat recruiters. They both worked closely on these and other projects (eg. Whitecoats recruitment, Asian projects, etc) with Professors Roger Perry, George B Leslie and Leslie's wife Katherine.

WhiteCoats Orgs.
IAPAG   (Nth America)
ARIA   (UK & Europe)
EGIL   (Scandanavia)
EMIES (E Med/N.Africa)
ARTIST   (S.E. Asia)
APTRC   (East Asia)
APAIAQ (Asia-Pacific)

Documents & Timeline

1975 Sep 3 Francis JC Roe and Peter N Lee, both lifetime tobacco lobbyists from the UK, visited New York and the new American Health Foundation, Naylor Dana Institute, then reported (4 pages) to British American Tobacco. [2]

1988 Apr 18 Helmut Gaisch's ETS Plan and Budgets for four years. [Note: This has been paraphrased - Gaisch ran PM Europe's FTR operation out of Switzerland]

[Note: Gunter Wille MD was Chairman of German Cig. Mfts Assn, and worked for Philip Morris, He died "a tragic death" (no further mention);
George B Leslie was Roe's partner in many of their tobacco industry 'projects', particularly ARIA, the fake scientific association for WhiteCoats.
Franz X Adlkofer was a corrupt scientist who worked for a number of industries, at this time, for tobacco via the Verband (aka VdC - German research group)
R & L Fresenius also ran the Fresenius Institute which did lab work and IAQ testing (PASS)

1992 The (much later) obituary for Francis JC Roe says:

Indoor + Built Environment began life as 'Indoor Environment' in 1992 under the editorship of Professor Donald F Weetman, It was started by a diverse group of scientists and specialist who had backgrounds in Ventilation Engineering, Chemistry, Occupational and Public Health, Toxicology and Pathology."

[The obit failed to mention that they were united by the fact that they all worked as contractors to Philip Morris and the tobacco industry, and needed a front to confect some legitimacy.]

It was a world leader, providing a forum for papers whose subjects crossed a number of disciplines. The most eminent scientist in the founding group was the experimental pathologist Dr FJC Roe. Francis acted as Technical Secretary to Indoor Air International as the group had called themselves ... [etc] ...

Francis was perhaps the leading British experimental pathologist of his generation... He was member of numerous national and international expert committees including the DHSS (UK Department of Health) Committee on Carcinogencity and Toxicology in the UK and was on the WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Food Safety, and was on the editorial boards of a number of scientific and medical journals.

[In short, he must have been one of the most influential of all the corrupt tobacco-friendly scientists, and, in his long life, one of the most destructive to public health.]

1993 Feb 25 Peter N Lee and Francis JC Roe have visited Professors Bela J Szende (Semmelweiss Medical University) and Gabor Kendrey in Budapest. They want to use Hungarian autopsy data from people who have died from lung cancer; they are looking for rates of false-positives and false-negatives in diagnosis. They also want to check for later changes in death certificates after microscopic analysis of lung tissue.

One "200 Person" study showed that every patient dying of lung-cancer except one had smoked, so they decided against publishing the material. They saw it as only useful to check the false-positive rates. The two Hungarians were to prepare papers and send them to Lee and Roe for comment. Lee would feed them details culled from the literature as to accuracy of diagnosis. A number of papers were commissioned from Szende and Kendrey (jointly). They would also give papers at conferences if expenses were covered.

Lee included costs:

  • £16,000 for his own/company time
£ 2,500 for Roe's consultancy services
£ 2,000 for expenses in Budapest
£ 2,500 for Szende and Kendrey for discussion time
£ 1,500 each for them for travel expenses
Estimated £16,750 to complete the project [4]

1993 May 22 Peter Martin at FTR in Switzerland (PM subsidiary) sends Charles Wall ('Chuck') his own bill for a meeting with Kendrey and Szende. Peter N Lee has taken them over and will handle their expenses. [5]

1994 Feb 23 Bela Szende met with Lee and Roe in London to discuss further papers.

1994 Jul 25 Szende and Kendrey have met again with Roe and Lee at Neuchatel, Switzerland, also with a group of disinformation executives from Philip Morris's S&T FTR (Anthony Andrade, Mitchell Ritter, Iancou A Marcovitch, Andre Badstuber, MKS & Ruth Dempster) They are to review the Hungarian Autopsy study.

  1. A paper had been sent to Human & Experimental Toxicology, but not yet published.
  2. Another paper on the accuracy of diagnosis was with: Acta. Path. Med. Imm. Scan" -- and this needs to be paid to be published as a supplement.

Philip Morris would back these proposals under the control of Roe and Lee (except for the 200 person study) [6]

1999 Sept 16: The Science & Regulation division of the British-American Tobacco (BAT) company had expenditure details and a budget forecast for the following year. These figures are well below the previous outlays of this division. Notable line items were:

  • WHO Project - this had a budget allocation for consultants of £149K
  • Smoking & Health - spent £ 239K, mostly on "Commissioning new reviews of science".
  • Statistician Peter N Lee was funded £45K for one project, £44K for maintaining a database, and £18K for two book projects
  • The Canadian scam artist, John Luik was being paid £18K as a final payment on his 'Plain Packaging Project', and another £30,000 for a Book on Formula 1 racing.
  • Corrupt scientist Gio B Gori and his Health Policy Center were to get £22K for one project, and another £40K for working on the GEP project and the Toxicology Forum.
  • Francis JC Roe was owed three amounts via Roe Byfiekt (??) (also a Graeme Roe)
  • Professor Ian Hindmarch's £4,000 fees were paid via '"Psychopharma
  • One of the Witorsch brothers (probably Philip) was to be paid £31K via the CEHHT.
  • Think Tank Programs -- they listed two:
  • Product Issues
  • General consultancies had been allocated £36,900
  • Paper on rights, moderation and mortality - £ 39,000
  • Weinberg Group were putting together a think tank on ingredients for BAT outlay of £ 9,000. Also budgeted for South America £4K
  • Understanding ETS had roadshows and people employed to criticise the WHO, for a budget of £ 51,700
  • Public Smoking & Health Policy
  • Marketing Freedoms (right to advertise and promote cigarettes)


1987-89 An RJ Reynolds account of expenditure on (perhaps) legitimate research list a large number of outside nicotine research consultants who don't figure in the CTR Special Project #4 accounts. These are consultation projects for RJ Reynolds Tobacco. The most notable ones are:

* Dr JE Trosko, Michigan State University  $85,397  nil  nil
* Dr Francis JC Roe (Note the rounded 'retainer payment)   nil   $7,194   $10,000
* Environ Corp. Jolanda Janczewski who did fake IAQ testing
            The Environ Corporation also did Toxic reviews.
            Also the services of Dr Joseph V Rodricks [8]
      $ 467
      $ 736



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