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"Frank Wiewel first came to the attention of NCAHF as the head of the IAT Patients Association (IATPA), which he operated using the address of Box 10, Otho, Iowa. "IAT" stands for "Immunoaugmentative Therapy," the name given a questionable cancer treatment advanced by zoologist Lawrence Burton, PhD. Burton, who originally operated in New York, moved his practice to the Bahamas to avoid the accountability required by United States consumer protection laws. With the help of New York Congressman Guy Molinari, IATPA was instrumental in getting the U.S. Congress's Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) to investigate questionable cancer medicine ." [1] For biographical information, see David J. Hess's book Evaluating Alternative Cancer Therapies: A Guide to the Science (includes a chapter by Michael Lerner (Commonweal)).


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