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Frank J. Kendrick "was Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Political Science at the University of Akron for eighteen years before retiring in 1989. His special interests were in the fields of Public Administration and Urban Politics, and he taught graduate students in the Department of Urban Studies. He was also co-author of The New Politics: Mood or Movement, and Strategies for Political Participation, and he published numerous articles and studies of U.S. Politics and Public Administration while at the University of Akron. His second book was used as a textbook and went into three editions." [1]

Writing on Znet in 2005 Toni Solo noted that:

"In a recent article on Nicaragua, Frank J. Kendrick of the US Council on Hemispheric Affairs NGO (COHA), managed to write extensively on the country without mentioning two crucial issues facing the country right now (1). Curiously, Kendrick's analysis of Nicaragua omitted continuing sinister US government intervention in Nicaragua's internal politics as well as vitally important arguments about the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). Political battle lines in Nicaragua are now being drawn for a presidential election that is still more than a year away in November 2006.
"Kendrick also omitted that US client President Bolaños won the election campaign in November 2001 on promises of more employment and scare-mongering about spurious opposition party links to "terror" But Nicaragua's unemployment has increased to levels several times worse than the bogus official statistics and FSLN representatives have made many denunciations of all terrorism, including the US-sponsored variety carried out by self-confessed murderers like Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch." [2]

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