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Francis Hughes Murkowski, a Republican, was a U.S. Senator from Alaska 1981-2002 and Governor of Alaska 2002-2006. In 2006 he lost in the Republican primary to Sarah Palin, future Republican Party vice-presidential nominee. He came in third place in the primary. He left office with one of the nation's worst approval ratings of 19%.[1]

Daughter Lisa Murkowski

In 2002 when Frank took over as Governor of Alaska, he resigned his Senate seat and appointed his daughter Lisa Murkowski to his old Senate seat.[1]

Jet plane scandal

In 2005, Murkowski purchased a Westwind II jet with state money for $2.7 million in spite of opposition from the Alaska Legislature. This purchase added to his unpopular legacy in state politics. Sarah Palin promised to sell the jet once she became governor. After he lost his re-election bid and less than a month before leaving office, Murkowski made a $13,000 trip to Taiwan, Japan, and Korea on the jet.

The New York Times reported, "Mr. Murkowski's office tried to obtain money from the Homeland Security Department to buy the jet, saying it would help "defend, deter or defeat opposition forces." He was denied. Later, in 2005, against the wishes of the Legislature, Mr. Murkowski used state money to buy it for $2.7 million."

Sarah Palin was among many critics who said "the move showed that Mr. Murkowski was arrogant and out of touch". [2][3]

The Alaska Report wrote, "Popular opinion turned on Murkowski after missteps that constantly thrust him into battle with his political opponents and his own Republican-led Legislature, including: appointing his daughter to his U.S. Senate seat, unpopular budget cuts his first year and a highly publicized fight to buy a state jet. The more Alaskans got to see of Murkowski the less they liked him.

"Critics have questioned Murkowski's leadership skills, his endless ethical lapses, and his secret pipeline proposal with the three largest oil companies in Alaska behind the backs of state legislators."[4]

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