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Fred Baron (Attorney, Texas Plaintiffs' Lawyer)

John Edwards

According to the 2003 first quarter Federal Election Commission campaign reports for John Edwards's 2004 presidential bid, "Edwards landed on the top of the Democratic money-raising heap, pulling in $7.4 million from donors ... And only a fraction of the funds originated in Mr. Edwards's home state of North Carolina. The rest came from a Who's Who of every class-action law firm in the nation.

"There is, for instance, Mr. Edwards's national finance co-chairman, Fred Baron (asbestos). Lawyers from his firm donated $56,250, people who lived at the same address as those lawyers gave another $24,000, and Mr. Baron provided a private airplane for the Senator on 15 different occasions."[1]

In 2007, Baron, "[o]ne of the nation's best-known trial lawyers, ... resumed his duties as Edwards's top fund-raiser. For years, Baron has ranked in the top 20 of Democratic donors every campaign cycle, and his ability to tap others in the legal profession for cash is called unprecedented. It's no wonder Hillary Clinton tried to woo Baron away. Last year, Baron attended one of the hush-hush briefings Clinton held for potential supporters—but he gave an advanced heads up to Edwards before he did so," Holly Bailey wrote February 15, 2007, in Newsweek.[2]

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