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Fred Taub is the founder and president of Boycott Watch and founder of Divestment Watch. [1]

According to his Divestment Watch bio, Taub is "a long time community activist who has been active in political campaign and grass roots efforts for more than 25 years. Taub has worked on political campaign for candidates of both major parties because he does not subscribe to any single political party platform. Rather, he prefers to work on issues.

"Taub is not an average political activist. Some people call him a liberal because he has served on the board of a shelter home, been a Red-Cross Disaster Services volunteer, a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician, been a youth counselor, and has served on the board of an international youth education organization. At the same time, however, others have called him a conservative because he has been a key player in the political campaigns of Republican candidates. While this sounds politically confusing, Taub summed up his political conundrum by saying: 'It's not the politics that matters; it's the people who matter.' By that he means you have to look at the situation, get to the truth, and do what needs to be done for people.

"Taub also has a strong business background. He has served as a consultant on projects for companies such as General Electric, Office Max and a NASA contractor. He has been the president of a consulting firm and has worked on public relations projects.

"In his public life both before and with Boycott Watch, Taub has appeared on several radio and television network news programs, been quoted in newspaper articles around the world, and has testified in court in a freedom-of speech case that went to the Ohio Supreme Court. Additionally, Taub's Boycott Watch has been featured in two briefings to the US Supreme Court."


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