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The Fund for Peace was founded in 1957 and is "a research and educational organization that works to prevent war and alleviate the conditions that cause war. The FfP specializes on the diagnosis and resolution of conflicts associated with weak and failing states and on foreign policy responses." [1] They note that:

"The objective of our work is to use our expertise on these issues to make this complex and volatile world a safer place. We do this by promoting sustainable security, the ability of societies to solve their own problems peacefully without an outside military or administrative presence." [2]

During the 1990s the Fund for Peace acted as a conduit for a handful of NED grants to groups based in Africa. [3]

"Founded in 1967 by Randolph Parker Compton, a well-heeled liberal Republican investment banker and one worlder, the fund's mission has been not so much to finance organizations, as its name might imply, but to provide support services like bookkeeping, tax-exempt status and fiduciary management for fledgling groups. The fund, which had a budget of $3 million in 1989, has made a notable contribution by assisting the start-up and subsequent administration of some important groups in the left-liberal cosmos. While associated with the Fund for Peace, these groups are known as fund projects:' They include the Center for Defense Information, a major research center with a programs control slant that is now independent of the fund; the Center for National Security Studies, which monitors U.S. intelligence agencies; and the National Security Archive, which collects and organizes government documents on national security and foreign policy." (Corn, 1990)




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  • David Corn, "Public Interest Power Games: Turf Wars at the Fund for Peace", The Nation, Vol. 250, March 12, 1990.