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Futerra is the name for Futerra Public Relations and Futerra Sustainability Communications. Their claim is "since our foundation in 2001, we’ve only ever worked on corporate responsibility and sustainability." Futerra brands itself "the sustainability agency".

Their clients are mostly local government but also include Shell, Unilever, Microsoft, Toyota and Greenpeace.

Futerra was founded by Solitaire Townsend and Ed Gillespie.

Futerra decribes itself as 10:10 company, having signed up the 10:10 campaign.


Futerra have produced a number of glossy pdfs (available in hardcopy) which ostensibly support their sustainability claim.[1] It is not always clear whom their message is aimed at, nor which client commissions these publications.

A Greenwash Guide[2] which is aimed at companies but is sometimes addressed to ethical consumers. They say "Our Greenwash Guide was born out of a desire to help communications professionals get their green messaging right. The majority of Greenwash is the result of over-eager communications campaigns that lack environmental rigour rather than malicious intent."

They have also produced a guide entitled "branding biodiversity" [3] which essentially suggests the common good of biodiversity can be managed like a company manages a brand. The publication asks "But what if we gave biodiversity a new purpose: to represent life on earth without having to explain the detailed technicalities?" And goes on to argue that "it's time to kill off the extinction message."

Futerra and the (now defunct) UK Department for Environment published the "Rules of the Game"[4] in 2005 as part of the UK Climate Change Communications Strategy. The game is communicating climate change.

Futerra were a contributor to a document informing government department DEFRA by the Institute of Public Policy Research entitled ' Warm Words: How are we telling the climate story and can we tell it better?'[5]


Futerra's Headquarters are in London, they also have an office in New York.

  • 4 Charterhouse Square

London EC1M 6EE

  • 122 W. 27th Street

10th Floor New York, NY 10001

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