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Futureye is a Melbourne-based public relations consultancy that describes itself as developing "solutions for organisations to meet the challenges of sustainable development." [1]

"Futureye works with clients to protect corporate reputations, reduce risk to intangible assets, develop proactive approaches to meeting increasing stakeholder expectations - and then to build sustainable businesses with the cultural intelligence required to capitalise on new growth opportunities," it states. [2]


A partial list of Futureye clients include:



Futureye lists a network of "experts" it draws upon on some projects as including:

  • Professor David Kinley, an internationally renowned human rights law specialist;
  • Dr Peter Sandman
  • Vickie Burkinshaw, a business-and-communitry partnerships, communications, CSR and social enterprise specialist;
  • Alistair Ping, a transformational change management expert;
  • Melba Marginson, expert in engaging CALD communities and former Member of the Victorian Multicultural Commission;
  • Sam Brumale, a technical risk assessment expert;
  • Gary Saliba, a systems thinking and foresight specialist;
  • Pip White, a data analysis, collation and benchmarking specialist; and
  • David Ebeling, an efficiency, systems and customer strategy specialist, can assist your organisation by transforming costs into profits.

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Contact details

Phone: 61 (0) 3 9642 2088
Fax: 61 (0) 3 9642 1033
Mobile: (0)419 358 296
Level 2 388 Bourke St
Melbourne Vic 3000
Web: http://www.futureye.com/home.htm