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GABNet or GABRIELA Network USA is a solidarity organization that is focused on U.S. foreign policy decisions which impact women and children of the Philippines. Its strategic intent is to "mainstream" such issues in the U.S. political arena. Its website states, "GABRIELA Network is a Philippine-US women's solidarity mass organization. GABNet provides the means by which Filipinas in the US can empower themselves, functions as training ground for women's leadership, and articulates the women's point of view. GABNet effects change through organizing, educating, fundraising, networking, and advocacy." [1]


GABNet was formed in 1989 by women in Chicago, U.S. because of opposition in the U.S. and the Philippines to continued presence of U.S. military bases in the Philippines - the Clark Air Force base and the Subic Bay Navy base. GABNet worked with GABRIELA Philippines which was a coalition of over 200 women's organizations.[1]

Current campaigns

Some current campaigns:[2]

  • The Purple Rose Campaign: "The Purple Rose Campaign is an international campaign against trafficking of Filipino women and children. It was launched on February 14, 1999."
  • Stop the US-led War OF Terror: "A campaign calling for an end to the US-led so-called global war against terrorism. We demand an end to US intervention in the Philippines and everywhere."



Contact info

Email: webmsitress AT

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