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"The idea of creating a ‘Gaia’ Foundation emerged in the early 1980’s, from Liz Hosken, Edward Posey and a group of ecological pioneers from the South, including Prof. Wangari Maathai (Kenya) and José Lutzenberger (Brazil). Their common vision was to demonstrate how human development and wellbeing are derived from the health and understanding of the living planet (Gaia), and indeed the Universe itself, of which we are an inextricable part.

"The Gaia Foundation was founded as a registered Charity (no.327412), with Sir Laurens van der Post as its first patron, and later Thomas Berry...

"... Gaia joined with GRAIN to launch its Local Biodiversity and Global Trade programme. The programme played a formative role in the African Biodiversity Network (ABN) and supported micro-projects in South America and Asia. " [1] In 2003 they helped found the Earth Community Network.

Foundation "Partner Learning Centres" whose "teaching principle is based on experiential learning with the local community about the Gaian holistic approach" include: Ngwenyama – Notwane, Botswana; Rincao Gaia –Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (which is The legacy of José Lutzenberger); Bija Vidyapeeth – DehraDun, India; Schumacher College – Devon, UK; Langata Centre - Nairobi, Kenya (which belongs to the Green Belt Movement, founded by Wangari Maathai). [2]


Accessed December 2011: [3]


Institutional: • Austrian Government - Global 2000 • DANIDA • Dutch Biodiversity Fund • European Commission • Finnish Government • IFAW • IUCN-Netherlands Committee • NOVIB and HIVOS (Holland) • SIDA • SwedBIO • Swiss SDC •

Grant-making Charities, Trusts and Foundations: AIM FoundationComic ReliefCoutts Charitable TrustFoundation for Deep EcologyFoundation for Global CommunityGlobal Diversity FundHolly Hill TrustHygeia FoundationInternational Fund for Animal WelfareIUCN-Netherlands Committee • LifeBridge FoundationMulberry TrustNetwork for Social ChangePlanet Heritage FoundationPolden Puckham Charitable TrustRestore UKRudolph Steiner FoundationSigrid Rausing TrustSOS Planet Earth • The Christensen Fund • The Golden Bottle Trust • The Institute for International Education • The Roddick FoundationTudor TrustWayward Trust [4]


Accessed October 2011: [5]


Accessed November 2009: [6] (Much the same people in June 2013)

Gaia Associates

Gaia Advisers:

(New additional advisors listed in 2013: Theo Sowa (Ghana), Abudulai Sulemana (Ghana), and John Wilson (Zimbabwe).)


Former Associates, Advisors and Patrons: Sadly, some beloved colleagues have died during the years since Gaia was founded. We appreciate their support and commitment, the projects that we collaborated on, and they remain in our hearts.

They also add a note in memory of Teddy Goldsmith (UK).



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