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"In existence since 1978, Gateways Books and Gifts is one of the most successful bookstores in the country dedicated to the exploration of Mind, Body and Spirit. We are a non-profit organization owned and operated by the Hanuman Fellowship – which also sponsors the Mount Madonna Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences and the Pacific Cultural Center which are retreat centers that feature the best authors in the human potential genre. This affiliation has earned us a loyal following among an ever-widening community of people interested in spirituality, metaphysics and holistic health. " The Hanuman Fellowship, inspired by the teachings of Baba Hari Dass, is dedicated to the principles and practices of yoga. [1]

"Gateways' authors include: E.J. Gold, Claudio Naranjo, Robert deRopp, Reshad Feild, John Lilly, Zalman Schachter, Michael Hutchison, Grant Abrams, Claude Needham, Patricia Elizabeth, Cynthia Henderson, and Mark Olsen." [1]

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