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Gavin Anderson & Company (Australia and New Zealand) is a public relations firm specialising in issues management. It is a part of Gavin Anderson & Company, a global company which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the international communications conglomerate Omnicom in 1990. He is also a director of the American Australian Association.


Gavin Anderson & Co is based in New York but was founded by an Australian, Gavin Anderson. After acquiring a PR firm owned by Ian Kortlang in 1996 it became known in Australia as Gavin Anderson Kortlang, but has since resumed its former name. Ian Kortlang was a former Joint Intelligence Organisation staffer and his firm was regarded as having close ties to the Liberal Party ("PR and poker - Spin gun for hire", The Australian, January 25 2001. Not available online)


Former Clients

Case Studies

Telstra Sale

Gavin Anderson managed public relations for the second stage in the privatisation of government-owned national communications company Telstra. It has been awarded the communications contract for the controversial sale of the third and final slice of Telstra, dubbed 'T3'.[1]

Proposed changes to Medicare


Former Personnel

Political Donations

This information was retrieved from Democracy for Sale, a database built using Australian Electoral Commission records.

National Party (State & Fed) $16,109
Labor Party (State & Fed) $9,000
Liberal Party (State & Fed) $3,850
Labor Party (State & Fed) $23,420
Liberal Party (State & Fed) $10,500
Liberal Party (State & Fed) $22,920
Democrats (Fed) $2,300
Democrats (Fed) $15,975
National Party (NSW) $2,000
Liberal Party (State & Fed) $20,200
National Party (NSW) $1,500
Democrats (Fed) $1,500
Liberal Party (State & Fed) $17,000
Labor Party (State & Fed) $8,000

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