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"The General Evolution Research Group (GERG) began with a secret meeting in Budapest in 1984 of scientists from both sides of the Iron Curtain during a critical juncture in the Cold War. Spurred by the mounting threat to our species of rapid nuclear proliferation and overkill, the purpose was to see if it might be possible to use the chaos theory then coming into vogue to develop a new general theory of evolution that might serve as a road map for our species out of the mounting chaos of our times to the reassuring order of a better world...

"A vital part of GERG is our journal, World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution.

"We serve very loosely as the research arm to The Club of Budapest, a prestigious group for advancing humanity also founded by Ervin Laszlo." [1]


Accessed December 2011: [2]

(* currently active)

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