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In late 1997 CAN was introduced by Geoffrey Tucker to GTech who gave them £130,000. Tucker was a successful lobbyist whose clients included British Nuclear Fuels Limited, and British Gas. He brokered the marriage between De La Rue and GTech to create Camelot and CAN was part of his operation. Until his recent death (while employed to promote McDonalds cause in Whitehall, trying to squeeze them into dinner schools — now modelled on McDonald’s layout) he was a ‘Strategic Adviser’ of CAN and it is difficult to argue the rest of the board didn’t know what he did, particularly since they are up to much the same thing.

Between 1985-87, Tucker advised Margaret Thatcher on PR and had connections with the IRD. (Lashmar and Oliver, Britain's Secret Propaganda War). Amongst IRD operatives were Alan Hare, who worked for the Foreign Office and became chief executive of the FT, Lord Gibson, chairman of Pearson Longman, which owns the FT, and Charles Douglas-Home, later editor of the FT. [1].

Tucker performed the Mandelson role at Conservative Central Office during the Heath Government, according to the Spectator:

“ the 1970 election, Tucker — without the knowledge of Edward Heath or the party chairman — arranged payment for a Labour official to tell the Tories Labour’s election tactics. The Independent said that the mole was still alive.” [2]