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George Brian Leslie was a life-long, dedicated and enthusiastic tobacco consultant who made his living from organising corrupt scientists to support the industry. He acted both as a scientists willing to promote fasle information, and as a recruiter and administrator for their fake science organisations. He was from Bedfordshire in the UK.

He administrated the ARIA (the first European WhiteCoats organisation), the IAI and the later ISBE groups and he also exploited his position with the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) to run tobacco operations. His wife Katherine ran the Indoor Air International (IAI) (later called ISBE). Frank Lunau was editor of Air Mail, the newsletter of the IAI, but the tobacco industry obviously hired an Editor in Chief, JA Hoskins and two Associate Editors, to run the Indoor + Built Environment magazine from 1992 on. [2]

WhiteCoats Orgs.
IAPAG   (Nth America)
ARIA   (UK & Europe)
EGIL   (Scandanavia)
EMIES (E Med/N.Africa)
ARTIST   (S.E. Asia)
APTRC   (East Asia)
APAIAQ (Asia-Pacific)

Leslie also worked as a consultant in toxicology and he was the former Head of Toxicology for Smith Kline & French in the UK. For the tobacco industry, he worked closely with Professor Roger Perry and Francis JC Roe (the three who founded ARIA and IAI for Philip Morris).

Document & Timeline

1988 Apr 18 Helmut Gaisch's ETS Plan and Budgets for four years.
[Note: Paraphrased - Gaisch ran PM Europe's FTR operation out of Switzerland]

Gunter Wille MD was Chairman of German Cig. Mfts Assn, and worked for Philip Morris. He died "a tragic death" (no further mention). Franz X Adlkofer was a corrupt scientist who worked for a number of industries (including cellphone EMF research). At this time he worked for tobacco via the Verband (aka VdC - German research group).

1988 May 24: Helmut Gaisch gives a presentation on the "PME ETS Project" (Whitecoats) at Lausanne.

  • BASIC RULE: The arguments advanced by industry and lts consultants must be factually correct.
  • MODUS OPERANDI: Industry scientists & consultants assemble data and "sell" them to members of the target group... the medical & scientific establishment and other modulating forces.
  • CREDIBILITY: The industry scientists & consultants must radiate credibility and confidence through superior knowledge. i e. They must be experts in their fields.
  • TALKING POINTS: Major public international events which assemble personalities and place them and their results into the public domain, making them eligible for further public use.

This group of Whitecoats were to become secret roving ambassadors for the tobacco industry -- maintaining a network of consultants, speaking at scientific meetings, talking to journalists. Progress in recruiting (outside UK)

  • AUSTRIA: (with the Vdc ( Franz Adlkofer)) need for coordination.
  • BELGIUM: Claude Bieve (to be expanded after the 1989 Conference)
  • DENMARK: Tage Voss "Need for more candidates"
  • FINLAND: No success so far in finding suitable candidates. Annuka Lepannen for monitoring and search assistance.
    • Robert Molimard, Hirsch, (Parietetic Commission)
    Abenhaim Faccini,
    Contract with CERCHAR: A Brun, Perrin and Sebastien
    • GERMANY:
    Key Actors: Wille, Konig, Sussmuth
    Franz Adlkofer (and medical establishment: Thurau, Schmahl, Lenhnert, Uberla
    Special Consultant on Epidemiology: Berthold Schneider
    Contract with research institutes: Fresenius (Scholz, Regimius Fresenius) and Neurath.
    • ITALY: Chiappino (main searcher) and Veronesi
    • MIDDLE EAST: No consultants available
    • SCANDINAVIA: Tors ('Torbjorn') Malmfors (coordinator). <
    1 Norwegian (Odd Nilsen)
    3 Swedish under contract: (Daniel Thorburn, Arne Westlin, Lars Werko, Bo Mikaelson) [only 3 of 4 mentioned]
    Special contact John Wahren
    • SWITZERLAND: [Suggestions only]
    • THE NETHERLANDS: Van Der Wal of TNO
    Contracts with Roger Perry, Francis Roe, George Leslie,
    David Warburton, Frank Sullivan [4]

  • 1988 June 6 Helmut Gaisch's Working Document ETS (on tackling the problem of passive smoking)

    The basic scientific objective is to place ETS with the broader context of indoor air quality ... irrespective of ventilation efficiency.

    The present situation, country by country {[paraphrased]

    • Austria is a member of the VdC (Verband). A strong influence of (Franz X) Adlkofer on (H) Klus.
    • Belgium - several contacts with scientists. Coordinator is (Claude) Bieva (needed continual coaching See page 9)
    • Denmark - contact with one popular medical scientist, need for more candidates
    • Finland - (Annuka) Leppanen for monitoring events and research assistance. Need more candidates
    • France - attitude of SEITA scientists create a delicate situation.
      Contract with CERCHAR (A Brun, P Perrin, R Perret, Sebastien - nicotine scientists) very promising.
    • Germany (West) - (Gunter) Wille and (Franz) Adlkofer- on-going contacts with the medical and political establishment
      Contracts with two chartered research institutions: Fresenius (Scholz Regigius Fresenius) and Neurath.
      Professor Schneider -- low-risk epidemiology
    • Italy - (Gerolamo) Chiappino to search for candidates in polytechnical institutions
    • Middle East - No consultants available locally. Fresenius has some contacts in GCC countries
    • Scandinavia - Consultants network on-stream, Karolinksa Institute (Wahren) + Neurath and Bieval doing basic nicotine work
    • Switzerland - contacts with medical establishment.
      Battelle Geneva to conduct monitoring studies, public transport/railways (with ASFC)
    • The Netherlands - Contract with TNO (van der Wal) in flight studies
    • The United Kingdom - Consultants network on-stream
      Imperial College (Roger Perry) under contract for workplace studies
      Michael Burke and Eddie Field under consideration as co-authors for new books.
    The work was for the time being, PM-driven. Under Corporate Affairs, + S&T Gaisch, Horst and Robinson, with lawyers John Rupp (for Consultants) and Don Hoel (for Conferences) [Also Andrew Whist for conference support]

    Job Description for Consultants

    • keep up with relevant scientific developments, cooperate within the industry consultant network.
    • coordinate consultants activities within country or region
    • present scientific papers at conference + publish in scientific literature. Explain views to the public
    • enter into disputes with members of medical/scientific establishment, and with key politicians, civil servants
    • deal with journalists
    • carry out specific contract research projects.
    NMAs or other companies are invited to take part (also financially) in the program


    1990 April The first issue of the Indoor Air International's (IAI) Newsletter '"Air Mail"'. The IAI's President is Frank Lunau and John Dilley is dealing with subscriptions. They are co-operating (or co-opting) with the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) [5]

    1992 The Indoor Air International (IAI) organisation is vastly expanded and becomes the International Society of the Built Environment (ISBE) with its own 'scientific' journal. The Officers of the association and the 30-odd Editorial Board members are all well-established corrupt scientists and technicians in the pay of the tobacco industry. [6]

    1993 Aug Professor Roger Perry and George Leslie presented lectures at two seminars in Malaysia in August 1993.

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