George J. Vojta

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George J. Vojta "is a former vice chairman of the board, director, and member of the Management Committee of Bankers Trust Company and its parent, Bankers Trust New York Corporation. Currently Mr. Vojta is the founder and chairman of eStandardsForum, Inc., a financial services information company. Also he is a director of the Financial Services Forum, an organization formed by 21 of the nation's most prominent, diversified American financial firms. This organization focuses on regulatory, legislative, and public policy issues relative to the global financial system.

"Mr. Vojta is currently a director of The Private Export funding Corporation (PEFCO), Asur Corp., Urstadt-Biddle Properties, Sumitomo Bank Capital Markets, Center for International Private Enterprise, and International Executive Service Corps; a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York Sate Banking Board, fellow, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, chairman of the board of the Wharton Financial Institutions Center at the University of Pennsylvania, Chairman of the Financial Standards Foundation, the Yale Center for Corporate Governance and Performance, the Westchester Group, and the CAUX Roundtable.“ [1]

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