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Biographical Information

"Dr. Barney, a physicist, has specialized in the integrated issues of sustainable development. He founded Our Task in 2006 to empower young people in the development of a mutually enhancing relationship between humans and Earth (see: Previously he founded Millennium Institute in 1983 and led it through two decades of work on sustainable development planning in developing and industrialized countries. Earlier, he managed the preparation of the US Government’s international sustainability study, The Global 2000 Report to the President, for President Jimmy Carter. Global 2000 sold 1.5 million copies in nine languages. Still earlier, he managed the National Program at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, worked with Governors Nelson Rockefeller and Russell Peterson on the Commission on Critical Choices for Americans, was a staff member of the Council on Environmental Quality, Executive Office of the President, and prepared economic studies and large scale simulations at the Center for Naval Analyses." [1]


Books and Reports

  • Threshold 2000: Critical Issues and Spiritual Values for a Global Age. (with Jane Blewett and Kristen R. Barney), (Grand Rapids: CoNexus Press, 1999), 150 pages.
  • Studies for the 21st Century (with Martha J. Garrett, Jennie M. Hommel, and Kristen R. Barney), (Paris: UNESCO, 1991).
  • Managing a Nation: The Micorcomputer Software Catalog, Second Edition, (with W. Brian Kreutzer and Martha J. Garrett), (Westview Press, 1990).
  • Christian Theology and The Future of the Creation: Proceedings of the Holden Village Conference, December 3-7, 1989, Ed. (with Carey Burkett) (Chalan: Holden Village Press, 1990), 180 pages.
  • Estudios del Siglo 21, Editor (with A. Alonso), Editorial LIMUSA, Mexico, DF (1988).
  • Managing a Nation's 21st Century Study: A Handbook, (with Dr. Martha J. Garrett), Institute for 21st Century Studies, Inc. (1988).
  • The Future of the Creation: The Central Challenge for the Church, the proceedings of a symposium, Institute for 21st Century Studies, Inc. (1986).
  • Managing a Nation: The Software Sourcebook, (with Sheryl Wilkins), Institute for 21st Century Studies, Inc. (1986).
  • Global 2000: Implications for Canada (with P. Freeman and C. Ulinsky), Pergamon Press (1981).
  • The Global 2000 Report to the President: Entering the Twenty-First Century, Editor and Study Director. Three volumes, U.S. Government Printing Office (1980).
  • The Unfinished Agenda: The Citizen's Policy Guide to Environmental Issues, Editor and Task Force Chairman. Report of the task force sponsored by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Crowell Publishers (1977).
  • Environmental Quality 1972, Editor, Environmental Improvement Commission, Arlington County, Virginia (1972

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