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Ms. Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi is Director of the Democratic Governance Group of the Bureau for Development Policy, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). She has served the South African Government for over 14 years in various positions, most recently as Minister for Public Service and Administration and as a Member of Parliament. As such, in 2007 she played a major role in the Global Forum V on Fighting Corruption and Safeguarding Integrity, Johannesburg, South Africa. Prior to that, she was Minister of Welfare and Population Development. She has also been a prominent figure within parliament, including as Chairperson of the Sub-Committee on Rules of the National Assembly of the Parliament of South Africa. She has been the UNDP Democratic Governance Director in its Bureau for Development Policy (BDP) since 2009.

"Ms. Fraser-Moleketi has been instrumental in mainstreaming gender issues in government policies. As a member of the South African Cabinet, she has engaged in various ways with the Organization for African Unity, the African Union and the Commonwealth. As part of a group of African Ministers seeking to implement public administration reform in post-conflict countries, she has chaired the Pan-African Conference on Women's Development, Equality and Peace in Rwanda. Moreover, she was Chair of the Pan-African Ministers of Public Service for more than five years.

"Ms. Fraser Moleketi’s leadership roles extend far beyond those in the South African government. Currently, she is active in numerous Boards, Committees and African regional institutions. She has also been awarded a fellowship to the Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School of Government, U.S. Ms. Fraser Moleketi holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Pretoria, South Africa." [1]

She is married to Jabu Moleketi.


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