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Gerard Wirz worked for Philip Morris Corporate Services, Brussels c.1990-94) as a Public Affairs and Corporate Communications executive. He was responsible for public relations programs aimed at the prevention of public, restaurant and workplace smoking restrictions throughout Europe. He managed multi-million dollar lobbying programs and public relations campaigns, including the pan-European Burson-Marsteller network, restaurant trade coalitions, the Tolerance Index and various scientific groups.[1] He was appointed "Issues Coordinator" in 1990.[2]

He was appointed Government and Public Affairs Manager for PMCS effective November 1, 1993.[3]


Wirz may have served longer in this position. Gerard Wirz is an expert in community networks as vectors of influence for marketers and public policy advocates.[citation needed]

In the early nineties, after graduating from PMI's management training program, worked as a senior lobbying and communications executive in Brussels. While with Philip Morris, Gerard advocated for the industry to take more mainstream positions about smoking, and he implemented programs that were highly effective in swaying European public opinion against smoking restrictions, primarily through the innovative use of themes based on tolerance, freedom and 'crazy American syndrome'.[citation needed]

Gerard left the tobacco industry to start an eco-friendly wine cork company followed by another company, one of Europe's first Internet and web development firms with clients like Honda and the International Committee of the Red Cross.[citation needed]

Between entrepreneurial ventures, Gerard helped lead Swisscom's international expansion in South Asia. In this capacity, he managed telecom M&A activities and oversaw startup investments of US$250 million in Indian GSM businesses, which were eventually acquired by Vodafone for US$19 billion in 2007.[citation needed]

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