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Dr. Gerhard Meisenberg "is from Germany, where he received his M.S. in biology from the University of Bochum. He then obtained a scholarship from the Max Planck Society and worked on his doctoral these at the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry in Munich. After receiving his PhD, Dr. Meisenberg worked for 2 years as a research associate at the Department of Biochemistry, Loyola University Medical School in Maywood, IL.

"Dr. Meisenberg joined Ross University School of Medicine in 1984 as an assistant professor of biochemistry. He then became an associate professor and acting chairman of the biochemistry department. Since 1992, Dr. Meisenberg has been a professor and chairman of the biochemistry department at Ross. During his tenure with Ross University School of Medicine, Dr. Meisenberg has taught biochemistry and genetics, and also some cell biology, neuroscience and behavioral science.

"Dr. Meisenberg is the senior author of two editions of "Principles of Medical Biochemistry." He is also the author of a popular science book about the biological basis of human behavior that is being published in 2007. His scholarly and research interests are very diverse. His recent research has included studies on the attitudes of medical students to human genetic engineering, cross-cultural studies about attitudes, values etc., and research on rising IQ scores (the "Flynn effect") in Dominica." [1]

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