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The Gleitsman Foundation "was established in 1989 to honor those individuals whose determination and selfless efforts truly "make a difference" in improving the quality of life in their communities." [1]

  • Alan L. Gleitsman, founder and president (died on May 19, 2006) To remember his work "Mr. Gleitsman has established and endowed The Gleitsman Program for Social Activism at the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government." [2]

Citizen Activist Award

"The Gleitsman Foundation Citizen Activist Award is designed to encourage individual commitment and leadership by recognizing the exceptional achievement of people who have initiated social change. The award recognizes activist efforts in the United States to confront, challenge and correct social injustice. These individuals, because of their courage and persistence, have become leaders in efforts to change the way we live, from Lois Gibbs' fight to clean up Love Canal to Candace Lightner's campaign against drunk driving." [3]

Citizen Activist Award Board of Judges: Robert Coles, Morris S. Dees, Jr., Lois Gibbs, Candace Lightner, Stanley K. Sheinbaum, Gloria Steinem, Alan L. Gleitsman [4] Winners


  • "Dixon Q. Dern, a graduate of Stanford Law School, has specialized in entertainment law since 1956, first as in-house counsel for various entertainment companies and then, in 1967, in private practice. In his practice he represents primarily independent film and television production and distribution companies, talent and organizations such as the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. In addition to his work representing clients, he is also a well-known mediator and arbitrator in the entertainment industry.
  • Alan L. Gleitsman, was a successful entrepreneur in the television industry for more than three decades. Midway, he started Alan Enterprises, Inc. and over the years acquired the rights to a substantial library of motion pictures, cartoons and series which were licensed to television and video throughout the world. After the sale of his business, he established The Gleitsman Foundation in 1989 to honor individuals who have initiated social change. In addition to the foundation, he has been active in aiding organizations devoted to education, civil liberties, human rights and peace.
  • Cheri Rosche, after a career in public broadcasting as a television executive with WVIZ/Cleveland, PBS in Washington, DC and KCET/Los Angeles, Ms. Rosche in 1971 joined the television program distributor, Alan Enterprises, where she served as Vice President until the company was sold in 1986. Currently, she serves as Secretary and Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors of the Gleitsman Foundation." [5]