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Global Diversity Foundation "promotes agricultural, biological and cultural diversity around the world through research, training and social action.

"We conduct applied research and provide training on biocultural diversity at specific field sites in Africa, Asia and Latin America." [1]

  • Gary J. Martin, Director of The Global Diversity Foundation since its inception in 1999


"The Kalahari Garden Project is happy to report that we have a new partner for our project in the Aminuis Corridor, Omaheke region, Namibia. GardenAfrica have recently joined us and will be supporting capacity building among the beneficiaries and partner NGOs. GardenAfrica is a UK based charity whose work is focused in Southern Africa. There they establish productive organic training gardens in schools, hospitals and clinics, growing nutritious food and medicinal plants. These gardens offer practical and effective solutions for building community health and livelihoods, ensuring the continuation of vital botanical and horticultural knowledge through to the next generation." [2]

In 2008: "Community Conserved Areas in Oaxaca -16 July 2008

"In December 2007, we started our new project on community conserved areas and local livelihoods in southern Mexico. We work in six villages of the Chinantla, a beautiful region that has some of the largest remaining tracts of cloud forest in Mexico. The goal is to build the capacity of indigenous people to manage biological resources while promoting traditional ecological knowledge." [3]

"In Oaxaca, The Global Diversity Foundation is working with the Regional Committee of Natural Resources of the Chinantla Alta (CORENCHI), an indigenous organization comprising six Chinantec communities that own and manage 26,770 hectares of community conserved land." [4] Darwin Initiative funding. also see


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Scientific Advisors

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