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Global Education Associates (GEA)'s "mission is to advance global systems that will secure ecological integrity, peace, human rights, economic and social well-being, and democratic participation, with special care to include the voices and perspectives of poor and marginalized people and of diverse cultural and religious traditions." [1]

"GEA is an international network of individuals and organizations in more than 90 countries. GEA was founded in 1973 by Gerald and Patricia Mische. Since then GEA has conducted more than 2,600 workshops, institutes and symposia around the world. Its more than 400 publications (monographs, periodicals, articles and books) have been acclaimed world wide as among the best materials available on global interdependence and world-order issues." [2] (In 2003 they received a "Grant from Rockefeller Foundation to develop Global Citizenship Guidebook.")
  • Tony Jenkins - GEA Program Coordinator (Global Coordinator of the IIPE, CIPE and Global Campaign for Peace Education)
  • Janet Gerson - Education Director, International Institute on Peace Education


Accessed May 2012: [3]

Directors (2007)[4]

Board Members

  • Rabbi Philip Bentley
  • Dieter T. Hessel
  • Saul Mendlovitz
  • Richard Ottoo
  • Abdul Aziz Said
  • Miriam Therese MacGillis
  • Luz Emmanuel Soriano
  • Rosemary C. Williams



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