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Going Bush is a television series hosted by Nick Duigan and Andrew Hart and broadcast on Southern Cross Television in Tasmania. The first series was broadcast in 2008 and a second series in early 2009. A third series is being planned for 2010. The series is funded by Forestry Tasmania, which states that the series follows the "adventures" of Duigan and Hart "in their quest for the truth about Tasmanian forestry."[1]

"Fearlessly, Nick and Andrew went deep into the forest, meeting the characters of the bush, including the scientist with a passion for worms, and discovering some of the natural marvels of the bush, like the magnificent Giant Trees in the Styx. They travelled in helicopters, aeroplanes, log trucks, on foot, across swing bridges and down 40 metre slides in an intimate encounter with Tasmania’s Adventure forests. And yes, they did meet real loggers, working on clearfell sites, in sawmills and in backyard workshops, turning special species into works of art," Forestry Tasmania state.[1]

FT Pleased With Series

In April 2009, Forestry Tasmania managing director, Bob Gordon, claimed in a media release that the "Going Bush television series had played a significant role in improving community understanding about Forestry Tasmania." Gordon stated that "The community is cynical about the information it gets from the media but they have taken to the Going Bush program because it’s entertaining and it’s informative. There will be a third series, but it will be run after the next state election to avoid any suggestion that it’s an attempt to influence the political process. I am happy to release the Going Bush contract, but the cost will remain confidential because it has the potential to compromise the commercial competitiveness of the television station involved," Mr Gordon said.[2]

In its 2008 annual report, FT's Chairman, Adrian Kloden and Bob Gordon, stated that "the Going Bush television program entered its second series, becoming the most highly-rating show in its timeslot."[3]

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