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The Golan Group is a private military service provider founded in 1983 by ex-Special Forces security experts from the Israeli Army and has remained privately owned since. Historically, they have been mostly involved in Israel and the southern Americas having served in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Colombia. They have twelve offices and 3,500 employees world-wide and have pooled their management teams from their areas of operation. [1].

Yoram Yasur is the president, Thomas Pearson Jr. is the vice-president.[2]

Among the services they have performed over the years include alarm monitoring, background investigations, closed circuit television systems, couriers, trained dogs, security training, fire safety, guard services, information technology, key control, risk analysis, X-ray screening systems and travel/ tourist security. [3]

Currently they produce and provide the Xpose 2000 X-ray Screening system as well as Armored Vehicles [4] and armoring kits [5]. They hold the exclusive global license for using the cutting edge, patent pending flouroscopic X-ray technology to manufacture and market products that will be aimed at the US aviation community as well as NDT testing or Non-destructive testing. They are also unveiling the new Xpose 2000V which is a mobile x-ray unit [6] capable of being deployed immediately. They have formed XRAYIT, a subsidiary, to market the variety of forthcoming applications. [7][8]

Golan has provided personal protective security for a variety of celebrities touring outside the US [9]. They have recently joined up with key players in the energy industry to comprehend the threat involved to major plants, chemical factories, water treatment facilities and energy related production sites. [10]

They also have their hands in the banking industry, which has gone through major deregulation programs and produced an atmosphere of consolidation both within the industry and out. Golan is creating technology to provide security for the future of online banking. [11]

They are currently headquarted in Florida.


Among Golan's clients have been:


Golan Group
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