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GoodWorks International was founded in 1996 by Andrew Young, Carlton A. Masters and Hamilton Jordan and has a mission to "be the leading global advisory firm offering international market access and political risk analysis in key emerging markets within Africa and the Caribbean." [1]

GoodWorks in Nigeria

In April 2007 the New York Times revviewed GoodWorks International's work in Nigeria. Barry Meir reported that "GoodWorks is paid to represent many major companies like Chevron, General Electric and Motorola that seek big contracts from the Nigerian government. In addition, executives of GoodWorks have stakes in Nigeria's oil industry, the country's main source of wealth. And several years ago, the firm’s chief executive, Carlton A. Masters, started an American company with close relatives of President Obasanjo ... .Mr. Masters said that GoodWorks typically received a 'success fee' equal to 1 ½ percent of a contract's value, a fee that can lead to big payouts. In 2005, for example, G.E. Energy, a GoodWorks client, won a $400 million contract to supply generating turbines in Nigeria." [2]


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