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Graeme McMillan is one of six directors of the Baldwin Boyle Group (BBG), a New Zealand public relations company and is Group Director of Corporate Communications for the New Zealand headquartered dairy company, Fonterra. In his role at Fonterra he is a part of the "executive leadership team" that is "responsible for the development and implementation of our shareholder, employee and stakeholder communications strategies both in New Zealand and internationally."[1]


A biographical note states that McMillan joined BBG in 1991 and "has held a number of senior postings with the group throughout the Asia-Pacific including leading offices in Hong Kong and Sydney".[2]

The note states that "Graeme is a corporate public relations expert with particular interest in corporate brand building, reputation management and issues and crisis management. He works closely with senior management teams and prepares them to communicate more fully and openly with their constituencies."

The biographical note states that prior to joining BBG he "worked in-house at Air New Zealand's Public Affairs Department and in 1981 he was appointed Public relations manager for New Zealand Breweries Limited".

McMillan is an associate member of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand.[3]

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