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Graham Eric Stringer (born 17 February 1950) is British Labour MP for Blackley and Broughton. He is a member of the Select Committee on Science and Technology [1] and the Transport Select Committee [2].

Position on climate change

As a practicing politician, Stringer is careful not to flaunt his skeptic colours on the issue of climate change, however arch skeptic Delingpole has these kind words to say "Labour MP Graham Stringer, one of the few people in the Commons who even vaguely understands the issues involved." [7]
Stringer has voted very strongly against laws to stop climate change [8]

He has been critical of the Russell report into the Climategate affair saying "It's not a whitewash, but it is inadequate," and the notion that MPs had been misled by the University of East Anglia is attributed to him.[9] Stringer argues that (in addition to the thousand or so hacked emails) the Russell Inquiry should have demanded to see further emails. [10] He is quoted as saying “To make sense of whether there was a conspiracy, whether they really tried to subvert the peer review process, you would have had to look at these emails." So his position is equivocal, he is not saying there has been any conspiracy he is suggesting there may be other unhacked emails that might, he does not say which emails they should be though. The original hacking or theft of the emails was a criminal act that is being investigated by Norfolk Constabulary.[11] It is unclear by what method Mr Stringer would propose further emails be disclosed.

On 8th May 2007 Stringer voted against a bill setting out a new sense of urgency in the climate question. [12]

On 29th October 2010 Stringer hosts, along with Sammy Wilson a climate sceptic event inside the House of Commons.[13]

Stringer is the darling of climate deniers in Parliament. According to 'The Register' an online blog with a skeptic bias Graham Stringer was the only MP to write a minority report in the parliamentary climategate enquiry[11] in text that was rejected from the final report by majority opinion.


In the recent MP's Expenses scandal Stringer was criticised for spending tens of thousands of pounds on London hotels - at up to £350 a night . He claimed a total of £20,042 for 'additional cost allowance' in 2007/08, of which around £4,800 went on food. [14] He suggests MPs exposed by the Daily Telegraph were singled out for political reasons.[15]

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