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Grassroots International "works to create a just and sustainable world by building alliances with progressive movements. We provide grants to our Global South partners and join them in advocating for social change. Our primary focus is on land, water and food as human rights and nourishing the political struggle necessary to achieve these rights.

"Grassroots is a human rights and international development organization that supports community-led sustainable development projects.Since 1983 we have worked in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, concentrating our efforts in areas where U.S. foreign policy has been an obstacle to positive change and where creative grassroots movements build local solutions to global problems." [1]


Accessed August 2009: [2]

Board of Advisors

Accessed August 2009: [3]

Resource Rights Advisory Board Members

Accessed August 2009: [4]

  • Chavannes Jean Baptiste, Executive Director, Peasants Movement of Papaye, Haiti
  • James K. Boyce, Professor of Economics, UMASS, MA
  • Annette Desmarais, Associate Professor, Dept. of Justice Studies, University of Regina, Canada
  • Jonathan Fox, Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Joel Greeno, Wisonsin dairy farmer and President, American Raw Milk Producers Pricing Association (member organization of the National Family Farm Coalition)
  • Shalmali Guttal, Senior Associate, Focus on the Global South, Thailand
  • Jamal Juma, Stop the Wall Campaign, Palestine
  • Kathleen McAfee, Consultant: agriculture, environment and development, and Visiting Scholar, University of California, Berkeley, CA
  • Patrick McCully, Executive Director, International Rivers Network, CA
  • Maria Luisa Mendonca, Director, Rede Social de Justica e Direitos Humanos, Brazil
  • Peter O'Driscoll , Executive Director, Action Aid USA, Washington, DC
  • Jethro Pettit, Institute for Development Studies, United Kingdom
  • Silvia Rodriguez, Program Specialist on CAFTA, Genetic Resources Action International, Costa Rica
  • Peter Rosset, Coordinator, Land Research Action Network (LRAN), and Researcher, Center for the Study of Rural Change in Mexico (CECCAM)
  • Vandana Shiva, Director, Research Foundation for Science Technology, and Natural Resource Policy, and Navdanya
  • Ahmed Sourani, Director of Projects & External Relations, Agricultural Development Association, Palestine
  • Joao Pedro Stedile, National Leader, Landless Workers Movement, Brazil
  • Sofia Monsalve Suarez, Coordinator for Agrarian Reform Campaign, Foodfirst Information & Action Network, Germany
  • Alberto Villareal, Red de Ecologia Social, Friends of the Earth-International, Uruguay
  • Angus Wright, Professor Emeritus, Environmental Studies, California State University, Sacramento, CA



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