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The Grassroots Policy Project "is an educational and research organization working in partnership with grassroots community groups, activist networks, statewide coalitions and other training organizations to encourage strategic approaches to issues of social and economic justice. Since GPP's inception in 1993, we have been exploring ways to provide grassroots organizations with the tools to further their long-term social change goals." [1]

According to its website accessed June 25, 2008, "GPP provides social justice groups with tools and frameworks for more strategic approaches to movement-building. Our frameworks are informed by and tested in the field through collaborative relationships with grassroots leaders and organizers in community groups, statewide coalitions and national networks. ... Since 1993, the Grassroots Policy Project (GPP) has been working with a broad cross-section of organizations, networks, coalitions, advocacy groups, policy shops and think tanks that are part of the progressive social movement landscape in the United States. ... Our programs combine political and popular education with strategic planning, leadership and organizational development. We believe that a set of long-term goals for social transformation (and for governing power) can make a difference in how groups work day-to-day. Our programs help organizations link their short-term organizing and campaign work with their mission and goals. [1]

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