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2005-2006 national debate on nuclear
power in the UK

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According to its website, "Grayling Political Strategy (GPS) connects the worlds of Westminster and Whitehall in London, the European Commission and European Parliament in Brussels, the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff and the Dail in Dublin" [1].

GPS is a lobbying firm owned by Grayling, which is in turn owned by Huntsworth. Amongst its owned firms are Westminster Strategy.

It has offices in London, Brussels, Cardiff, Dublin, and Edinburgh. Its chief executive is Vivien Hepworth. [2]. It is part of a larger PR firm, the Grayling Group, whose chief executive is Nigel Kennedy [3].


GPS was hired in January 2004 by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) [4] [5]. According to the APPC register, it was still being retained by UKAEA as of May 2005 [6] (PDF). Some idea of Grayling's efforts on behalf of UKAEA can be gleaned from their attempt to co-opt the New Economics Foundation, a think tank that opposes nuclear energy. According to a paper on energy policy published by the foundation,

"Even nef was invited to become part of the [nuclear] charm offensive in the build up to the political party conference season in 2005 by a public relations firm, Grayling Political Strategy, taken on by the UKAEA." [7] (PDF)

Among its nuclear clients are the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management.


  • Russell Patten Chief Executive of Grayling Political Strategy and President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Brussels

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1 Bedford Avenue,
London WC1B 3AU.
Tel: +44 20 7255 1100
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