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Greenspirit Strategies Ltd. is a Vancouver-based "communications consulting firm" that, according to its website, offers help with communications planning, advocacy, coalition-building, and grassroots support. [1]


Under the heading "Groups We've Worked With, Past & Present," the firm's website lists: [2]


From the firm's website (accessed February 19, 2007): [3]


In addition to nuclear power, forestry, biotech, plastics and chemical issues, Greenspirit consults on pharmaceutical issues. In a January 20, 2009, op/ed in the Seattle Times, Moore wrote that it is "inevitable that a small amount of ingested pharmaceuticals will eventually show up at trace levels in wastewater," Greenpeace activist turned industry PR consultant Patrick Moore writes in an op/ed. "The Pharmaceutical Assessment and Transport Evaluation (PhATE) model has been developed by industry as a tool to estimate concentrates of pharmaceutical residues in surface waters. ... But some activist organizations still push for costly and unnecessary controls. In Washington, Oregon and Illinois, for example, interest groups who believe that any trace amount of any compound in wastewater must be stopped at all cost are proposing an elaborate take-back plan." At the end of the op/ed, Moore is simply identified as "an adviser to government and industry." [1]

Moore's colleague at Greenspirit Strategies, Tom Tevlin, told the Center for Media and Democracy that the PR firm does count pharmaceutical companies among its clients. However, Tevlin would not name them. [2] The PhATE model that Moore praised in his op/ed was developed by Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, the major U.S. drug industry group. [3]

Contact information

Greenspirit Strategies Ltd.
Suite 305 - 873 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2M6

Phone: 604-681-4122
Toll Free: 1-877-54-GREEN

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