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Greenville Foundation

"As a result of an extensive planning and restructuring process, the Greenville Foundation has ended its grantmaking operations. The Greenville office in Sonoma, Ca., managed by Virginia Hubbell Associates, closed permanently on December 31st, 2003. This website ( will remain active for an indefinite period of time." [1]

"The Greenville Foundation has been involved in family philanthropy for almost 50 years. The original charitable trusts which evolved into today’s Foundation were organized in the early 1950s. Early grant applications were often discussed and approved around the dining room table. In 1993 the Greenville Foundation was reorganized as a non-profit public benefit corporation.

"Today the Greenville Foundation remains a true family foundation. The current membership consists of about twenty third and fourth generation descendants of the original donors, with yet another generation rapidly coming of age. Family members serve on the Program Committees which evaluate proposals in the Foundation’s chosen areas of focus: Education, Environment, Human & Social Issues, International, and Religion. In addition, the Greenville Foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of elected family members who oversee the ongoing operations of the Foundation.

"However, unlike the early days, Greenville is no longer a dining room operation. Having grown to roughly $20 million in assets and expecting to approve $900,000 in grants in 2001, the extended family needs help. In 1994 the Foundation engaged Virginia Hubbell Associates, a team of philanthropic professionals, to provide their administrative and program expertise, and manage the Foundation office in Sonoma, California. Virginia Hubbell, Anne Fitzgerald and Julie Kenny Drezner serve as Program Officers providing valuable professional assistance to the family in its work." [2]


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