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The Grow America Project (GAP) was a food industry-funded lobby group launched in November 2005. On its website it stated that it was "brought to you by Nexpointe". [1] It's President was Brose McVey, the managing partner of Nexpointe Strategies, an Indiana-based PR and lobbying firm. [2] It's listed office address was that of Nexpointe Strategies. [3] [4]

In March 2007 GAP merged with Best Food Nation to form the Center for Food Integrity.

In November 2006 The Farmers Exchange reported on the "Modern Agriculture and the Public Trust" summit in Indianapolis that was organized by GAP. "We need to get the message out about understanding how new technologies work in agriculture, as well as environmental safeguards ...If we don't build a covenant of trust, the public will struggle with fears and misconceptions of safe products," Brose McVey, the president of GAP stated. [5]

Legal Structure

A background note on GAP described its legal structure as comprising two "not-for-profit organizations." "Grow America Project, Inc., is a 501(c)(4) organization responsible for obtaining funding through government, corporate and private grants. The second not-for-profit, The Grow America Foundation, is a 501(c)(3). This second component is responsible for implementation of developed solutions." [6] (cached file).


GAP received $100,000 in "start up funding" from the Indiana State Department of Agriculture. (ISDA) [7] [8]


Contact details

While it was operating, the contact details of GAP were listed as: [11] (cached file)

11595 Meridian St., Suite 840
Carmel, IN 46032

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